Sarangani Bay
Sarangani Bay Seabas Sarciado

Delightful Dishes

Seabass Sarciado


1 small Sarangani Bay Seabass

3 tbsp. patis

1 tsp. vetsin

1 tbsp. calamansi juice

4 cloves garlic, minced

2 onions, chopped finely

3–4 tomatoes, chopped finely

½ cup bread crumbs or cornstarch

½ tsp. ground pepper

2 tbsp. chopped spring onions for garnishing


Scrape scales of fish, clean.

Marinate whole in combined patis, calamansi juice, vetsin, pepper, and minced garlic.

Let stand for 3–4 hours (or overnight), drain.

Set aside patis mixture to be used for sauce.

Roll fish in bread crumbs and fry until golden brown.

Sauté garlic (drained from patis mixture), onion, and tomatoes.

Add patis mixture and cook until it thickens.

Place fried fish in serving dish, pour sauted mixture and sauce on top.

Sprinkle chopped spring onions.

Seabass Fish