Sarangani Bay
Sarangani Bay Steamed Seabass

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Steamed Seabass


6 ½ kilo Sarangani Bay Seabass

25 grams MAGGI Oyster sauce

1 pack MAGGI Magic sarap

¾ cup leeks, sliced diagonally

1 ½ tbsp garlic, minced

1 tbsp ginger, julienne

1 cup water

150 ml canola oil

1 tbsp sugar

salt to taste


Wash and descale fish, rinse with water.

In a small bowl mix 4 grams of MAGGI Magic Sarap in a mixing bowl and ginger.

Place the mixture inside the cavity.

Season fish with the remaining MAGGI Magic Sarap.

Add a little bit of ground pepper and salt.

Steam fish for about 15–30 minutes.


Heat up cooking oil and brown the garlic and set aside.

In a sauce pan combine MAGGI Oyster sauce, sugar and water and bring to a quick boil.

Adjust the sweetness and saltiness using sugar and MAGGI oyster sauce.

Place the steamed Sea Bass in a serving tray and sprinkle with leeks and browned garlic.

Reheat the sauce and pour over the fish.

Serve while hot

Seabass Fish